Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Be Ballin

Yo, My People! Its time for a change. I just scooped that DNC (Democratic National Convention) on PBS Thrusday nite. I really didnt want to watch it but my cable is out and it was the only channel with good reception. I really didnt even watch most of it, just Obama's speech. I was really impressed (well as much as a 20 year old black kid from Ga can be about politics). But by the end of the speech the one thing that stayed in my head was the portion of the speech when Obama said that McCain thought anyone making under 5 Million dollars a year was middle class. WTF!!! I had to do some research on that little comment. Here is where i found what i needed. After reading the article i realized that mccain may comments mave have been a bit misconstrued but you can tell by the way he said it that he really considers 5 million not to be that large of a number. Hey this is the same guy who didnt know how many houses he owned.

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