Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Adventures Wit Ma Dukes

Today me and moms took a little trip around town and shit got straight ignant. Okay the day started with me and ma dukes taking a little trip to my kid sisters elementary school.
Turns out, she qualifies for free lunch and they want to pay back the 11.50 that my mother paid for a week of school lunch. (damn i remember when lunch was 1.00). i know what u might be thinkin, "what yall gonna do with 11.50"? well hell we all between pay checks and that scrilla was needed, i was gonna get some bread and milk. i got frosted flakes and bologna but cant eat that shit.
But when we got there the lunch ladies were gone for the day so i had to eat my cereal with water and bologna wit crackers.
2nd Stop The Social Security Office. I have never seen so many crackheads and plain weird ass characters in one place (except for when i rode the city bus down in Albany Ga) when i get out the van the first thing i see is some random nigga in a wheelchair (who may or may not be a pimp) straight cuss out some white chick (who may or may not be a hooker) right in front of the building, it was kinda sad, my mother suggested i wheel his ass across the street while she goes and guides the hoe to freedom like the whale in Free Willy, but aint noway i was gonna risk getting pimp-slapped by Slick Back in a Wheelchair (i am not the one).
3rd Stop The Unemployment Office. There were two people standing outside the building asking people if the wanted to register to vote. I'm already registered (Obama 08) but momma wasn't, so while she was filling out the paper the two people asked this dude( black guy in a suit) if he wanted to register to vote. this nigga said "HELL NO, whats that gonna do, my daddy was a black panther" my first thought was "this nigga is retarded" but homeboy was straight serious wit it. then i started thinkin. "nigga u in the unemployment office u have already succumbed to the powers that be, and u now rely on them to help u find work" that's the problem with some people instead of "doing" they complain and expect the same people they complain about to help them. Ignorant ass folk make me sick.......but they are entertaining as hell.

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